Yorkshire Wagyu Roast


When it comes to The Yorkshire Wagyu Company and our products, don’t just take our word for it. Here's some feedback about our products;

Mrs Stanford

"A thoughtful friend gave me a gift of Wagyu pies for my birthday. What a treat; they are absolutely delicious. The pastry is light, crisp & flavoursome, the Wagyu filling rich and tasty. A winning combination which I recommend without reservation."

Living North Food and Drink Awards

"We agree unanimously that there is nothing to compare with this delicious product. It is nothing short of melt-in-the-mouth, the flavours experienced were just exquisite."

Mr Tree

"The joint of Topside was absolutely wonderful - I rolled it in herbs and cooked it for 20 minutes at 250C then 40 minutes at 75C. We used the meat thermometer - the internal temperature was 61.5C and it was perfect."

Richard Nightingale, Jacksons Butchers, Louth via facebook

"Just started trading with the #YorkshireWagyu company.
From the first call shep was helpful and to the point. Got out delivery and it's going down great!
Definitely a WOW product to be proud off. Simply out of this world taste from each cut,from a very high standard yorkshire farm!
I'd rate 10 if I could."

Matt Don via facebook

"Stumbled across this meat in the Balloon Tree farm shop and was very exited to give it try, I was not disapointed great taste and so tender, only down side is my new fancy steak knives are redredundant as the meat just pulls apart. I wish the company every sucsess, great produce & i cant wait to try different cuts."

Steve Carpenter via facebook

"Excellent piece of Wagyu sirloin for Christmas Day lunch. 2kgs cooked at 200C for 60 minutes plus 15 minutes resting. Perfecto!!!"

Lorna Angwin via facebook

"A really tasty piece of beef. Will definitely be buying it again. Well worth the price."

Antony Hawkins via facebook

"Just had a fillet steak. The most amazing beef I've ever tasted. So silky smooth and tender, just gorgeous.

For goodness sake don't overcook it...

Yes, it's expensive in the normal scale of normal raw meat, but this is way above "normal" meat. And really, a steak only costs about what you'd pay for someone to cook you a rather blander normal steak in a decent pub, so think of it as a treat in the same way as going out for dinner is a treat. Quality not quantity!"

Sue James via facebook

"#Simply Delicious
Tried a yummyWagyu Burger at a recent private event and just the best! You'd have to go a long way to beat these guys."

Andrew Manfield, Manterra 

"We hired the WOW Wagon for our farm Demonstration Days and everybody commented on how the burgers were the best they'd ever tasted and how tasty the Wagyu pies were."

David T

“The beef is of excellent quality, flavour and the thickness of the cut is something hard to find in the UK. We look forward to more in the future.”

Alistair Philips via facebook

"The best burgers ever, no question. I didn't realise beef in a bun could taste so good."

Joan B

“The best burger that I have ever had.”

Chris Harrison, Chef Patron, Shoot the Bull Restaurant, Hull

“As a chef, I just love the flavour that comes hand in hand with wagyu. That high marbling of fat is so delicious. I also really like the family feel to the business and as one of my now main meat suppliers they are reliable and consistent. This is of course so important. I love the passion everyone I’ve met has for what they do.”

Sacha Phillip, Hao Cow Japanese Burger Company, Weymouth

“We were desperately looking for the best quality Wagyu meat available in the UK and searched the internet, doing much research along the way. We found their website, and called Jonathan to talk about what we were trying to achieve. He "got it" straight away and sent us down some sample meat within a matter of days. Our customers are blown away by the taste of our burgers. They're rich and packed full of flavour. "Best burgers we've ever had" are a common saying from people who try them. Coupled with our Hokkaido rolls, people can't get enough of them! We love the flavour, the richness of the meat, they work perfectly for our patties. We don't need to add anything to the mix other than some salt and pepper.”

Mrs Hobson

Another superb joint of your amazing beef. The flavour and texture is unbelievable. Melts in your mouth like butter. Worth every penny and absolutely no waste at all. Just pure and simply delicious. Thank you so much.

Nicola Cooper via facebook

"Barbecue'd Yorkshire Wagyu Company beefburger on toasted brioche bun - scrummy!!"

Charles Betney via facebook

"An excellent Yorkshire Wagyu Beef burger - delicious."

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