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Each week our in-house butcher selects the finest cuts of Yorkshire Wagyu for you to enjoy at home. Each WOW box contains a selection of 6 steaks (minimum weight 225g), 1 roasting joint (approx. 1kg), 4 gourmet burgers, 2 x 500g mince, 2 x 500g stewing steak.

Feedback from the Great British Food Awards 2017:
"Absolutely exemplary quality meat, our judges raved about these steaks. You can certainly taste the difference between Wagyu and ordinary beef. The steaks had a rich, complex and almost gamey flavour. They cut like butter and were incredibly tender and juicy. The butchering is also very good – there wasn't a scrap left!"

"A truly gourmet burger, our judges had never tasted anything quite like this. Rich, slightly gamey and complex, with a beautifully tender and juicy texture. The simple recipe really lets the taste of the Wagyu come through."


Our gourmet burgers contain minced Wagyu beef, fresh onion, salt, pepper, preservative E220. All other products are 100% Yorkshire Wagyu.


No allergens

Best cooking method:

Full cooking instructions can be found on our Cooking Wagyu page.


Keep refrigerated. See label for use by date. Suitable for freezing. Freeze as soon as possible after delivery and always before the use by date. Once frozen, use burgers, mince and steak within 3 months and joints within 6 months. Defrost thoroughly before cooking. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

£150.00 including free delivery

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