We've added a Taste of Wagyu box and two packs of steaks to our online shop 18/09/2017

Taste of Wagyu box available online

In response to consumer demand, we have added a Wagyu taster box and a range of two pack steaks to our online shop.

We have developed the Taste box for people trying Wagyu for the first time. It contains two 170g (6oz) sirloin steaks, two 170g (6oz) ribeye steaks and four 115g (4oz) gourmet burgers. It costs £50 plus £6.95 postage and packing.

Our customers told us that they wanted to buy steaks individually, so we have launched a range of Yorkshire Wagyu steaks in packs of two 225g (8oz) steaks. You can choose from the Great Taste two gold star rated chuck steak, rump, ribeye, sirloin and fillet. Prices range from £16.95 for two chuck steaks to £37.50 for two fillet steaks. Postage and packing costs £6.95.

Of the launch, Jonathan Shepherd said: “We’re very pleased to be able to offer customers the opportunity to experience the amazing taste of wagyu for under £25 for two steaks.”

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