Wolds Wagyu tops pop-up’s menu 24/05/2016

Chris Harrison cooks with Yorkshire Wagyu at Shoot the Bull in Hull

We're thrilled to announce that our Wagyu beef is now on the menu at one of Hull’s restaurant pop-up businesses, Shoot the Bull.

In addition to its permanent residency in Hull’s Old House Bistro, Shoot The Bull provides pop-up catering services for restaurants and events and uses various Wagyu cuts, including Flat Iron Steak, Chuck, Flank, Rump and Tongue in its daily menus.

Jonathan Shepherd, who runs the beef company alongside fellow farmer Jim Bloom, said: “We’re really pleased that our Wagyu has made its way onto Shoot The Bull’s menu and is finding favour with their customers.

“It’s certainly encouraging to know our beef is popular, and we hope many more people get the opportunity to sample British Wagyu with this outlet in Hull.

“There are a lot of exciting things happening in Hull in the lead up to the City of Culture 2017, and it’s a fine way to introduce both visitors and residents to our quality meat.”

Shoot the Bull founder, Chef Chris Harrison said he was keen to work with The Yorkshire Wagyu Company as soon as he heard about their products.

“As a chef, I love the flavour that comes hand in hand with Wagyu. It’s the high marbling of the fat in the meat that is so delicious.

“Unsurprisingly, we have had plenty of good feedback. A lot of customers are taking a real interest into what Wagyu beef actually is.”