Yorkshire Wagyu Sirloin Steak with Blue Cheese

Yorkshire Wagyu sirloin with blue cheese

Recipe provided by Sue Nelson, Yorkshire Food Finder

Yorkshire Wagyu sirloin steak with Yorkshire Blue cheese dressing and watercress garnish


1 x 225g sirloin steak per person
Salt and pepper
40g Yorkshire Blue cheese, crumbled, plus extra for garnish
2 spring onions, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, peeled
1 tsp English mustard powder
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil
150ml sour cream
2 tbsp Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil mayonnaise
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 handful watercress per serving


1. For the dressing, using a pestle and mortar crush the garlic clove with salt to make it creamy and add the mustard powder.
2. Transfer to a bowl and add the lemon juice and vinegar, followed by the oil, then mix together. In another bowl combine the sour cream and the mayonnaise then gradually whisk into the dressing mixture. Finally add the chopped spring onions and the 40g of crumbled Yorkshire Blue, and finish off with a grind of black pepper then set aside while you cook the steak.
3. For the steak, chill it and remove from the fridge immediately before grilling. Lightly season on each side with salt and a little black pepper.
• For a rare steak cook on a hot barbecue over direct heat for 1½ minutes before turning and grilling for a further 1½ minutes
• For medium rare grill for 2 minutes before turning and then continue cooking for a further 1½ minutes.
• For a medium steak cook for 2 minutes before turning and then cook for a further 2 minutes.
4. However you like your steak rest under foil for at least half the total cooking time.
5. Serve the steak whole, sliced or cut in two. Drizzle over some of the Yorkshire Blue dressing, crumbling more blue cheese over if desired, with the watercress alongside as a garnish.