Yorkshire Wagyu Sliders

Yorkshire Wagyu Slider

Recipe provided by Sue Nelson, Yorkshire Food Finder

Yorkshire Wagyu sliders

Makes 8


560g Yorkshire Wagyu mince
Salt and pepper
8 slider buns
Garnishes and accompaniments of your choice


1. Place the mince in a bowl and lightly season, mixing well in. Split the mince into 8 patties each weighing 70g and shape into round about 2.5cm thick. Chill the sliders in the fridge.
2. On a hot barbecue over a direct heat, cook the sliders for 3½ minutes before turning once. Grill for a further 2½ for rare or 3-3½ minutes for medium rare. If you prefer your sliders to be medium, add a further 30 seconds.
3. Rest under foil for half the cooking time before serving in a slider bun with garnishes and accompaniments of your choice.