Cooked Wagyu Roasting Joint


Wagyu is the only breed of cattle that is bred exclusively for flavour and eating quality. The marbling in beef is what gives it succulence and flavour and heavy marbling is one of the characteristics of Wagyu beef.

At The Yorkshire Wagyu Company we ensure that our cows enjoy the best of health throughout their life by avoiding the unnecessary use of antibiotics and by feeding the cattle on home grown forage that is grown without the use of fertilisers.

Raw wagyu steakWe believe that slow grown cattle has a superior taste, so we nurture our Yorkshire Wagyu for 30 months and feed them on home grown forage. 

The finished product is rich in colour, with a deep red finish, accompanied by a level of fat marbling throughout the meat to give an intense, succulent flavour. The low melting point of the fat means that it’s absorbed back into the meat to give a unique juicy, flavoursome, melt in your mouth experience.

The meat can be served as simply as a steak, but the rest of the animal's meat is also exceptionally tasty. The steak mince makes amazing burgers, lasagnes and even sausages, whilst other cuts are superb when slow roasted and fabulous in a meat and potato pie.

Thanks to our unique, bespoke DNA ear tagging system, we can guarantee that no other beef can be passed off as Yorkshire Wagyu as we can trace every animal from field to fork.

Once you have tried Yorkshire Wagyu, we guarantee that you won't want anything else!