Wagyu health benefits

Health benefits

Not only does Wagyu beef taste divine, it’s good for you too.

Research conducted in Japan and in the United States has shown that Wagyu beef has about a 2:1 ratio of monounsaturated fatty acid (good fat) to saturated fatty acids (bad fat) compared to other breeds of cattle that have a 1:1 ratio and it is well documented that higher levels of monounsaturated fatty acid in the diet are associated with lower cardio vascular disease.

We are all encouraged to include more foods in our diet that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids (linolenic acid) that are found in oily fish and nuts.

Wagyu beef is a good source of omega-3s and also contains a third more omega-6 (linoleic acid) than other breeds. Wagyu beef is also one of the best sources of Vitamin B, iron, and essential complete amino acids.